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The city of Manchester, best described as the second city of the United Kingdom, is best known for the amalgamation centre of arts, commerce, higher education and media. There are many cultural heritage sites and venues to visit in the city of Manchester through various museums and art galleries. Apart from these, the city also offers convenient shopping centres (Arndale and the Trafford Centre) along with a host of restaurants and bars.It is also home to two of the most influential and widely popular football sports clubs namely Manchester United and the Manchester City.
Fallowfield; located approximately 5 kilometres from the Manchester City Centre is home to a large number of students population. It also houses the primary accommodation complex of the University of Manchester.
Fallowfield is a largely student populated area of Manchester that is located three miles south of Manchester City Centre. The University of Manchester is found in the town centre and is called the Fallowfield Campus. The campus includes the Owens Park complex, a large hall of residence for over 1,000 university students.
Our Student Accommodations are all detailed on a Manchester University‚Äôs approved list for private sector student accommodation. All these properties will have been inspected and certified as having achieved all the necessary standards for fire safety, gas, electricity and security.
By seeking to rent our Accommodations which has been listed you can be reassured that it is of a good safe standard.
If you do not have any students to share a full house with then individual students are welcome to rent rooms.Overseas International Students are also welcome to rent student accommodation.
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